Pathetically monumental or monumentally pathetic. Either way, this time everyone is in the audience.

Humlegårdsgatan 14 • 114 46 Stockholm
7 June–3 August, 2019

EROS (Benedikte Bjerre & Magnus Andersen) has created two sculptures employing funny symbols and trivial objects. The two sculptures will be shown together at the two Issues locations during the exhibition. For the opening, Coyote will inhabit the space in between the two locations.


Humlegårdsgatan 14 • 114 46 Stockholm
11–27 April, 2019

Marine life is usually covered from land and without letting the sea crea- tures speak for themselves. ANNA ZACHAROFF’s paintings tell a different story than those about simply eat or to be eaten, as if the sea was a jungle. From down below, we hear stories of abuse coming from shrimp undressed against their will and an octopus forced to live in a jar to take an active part in sports betting.

Humlegårdsgatan 14 • 114 46 Stockholm
7–22 September, 2018

IMPRESSIONABLE AGE EXTENDER acts like a screen dump of Caspar Forsberg’s recent work with a particular yellow. He found it in the common Post-it® note and then extracted the colour using an NCS-scanner. The objects and materials painted in household paint merely act support for the yellow colour but also for texts, authored by a G-HOST whose intentions and qualifications shouldn’t be left unscrutinised.

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Humlegårdsgatan 14 • 114 46 Stockholm
8 June–28 July, 2018

Issues presents In Broad Daylight, a series of new painting works by Emanuel Röhss. Representing fluctuations in light during the summer solstice on June 21st, the eight blue paintings manifest time in a methodical manner yet through the impressions of the artist’s senses and memory.

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Issues presents Unseen by Thomas Hämén, an installation that muses on the connections, all coincidal, actual and forced, between the microwave, radar, Maleficent, the Aye-aye and The Silence.

Slavs and Tatars: PICKLE POLITICS

Issues is proud to present, together with Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, the complete series of lecture-performances by Berlin-based artist collective Slavs and Tatars.

More info at the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern website.

Humlegårdsgatan 14 • 114 46 Stockholm
10–26 April, 2018

Gina Beavers, Alfred Boman, Henning Hamilton, Thomas Hämén, Olga Pedan & Jim Thorell

Issues presents painting and sculpture by young, contemporary and familiar artists in a new and unfamiliar room. Like the new underground commuter train station below Odenplan, there is a new white cube on the Stockholm art scene but behind the Hillenberg restaurant on Humlegårdsgatan. What’s to be observed in both cases is that the mental and physical room and map is expanded in front of the Stockholm audience. Where bottlenecks are created in the public transport flow, pressure has to be released through new lines and stations in other places.

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Detail of
‘The Classical Decomposer’

Issues is proud to present new works by Olga Pedan. What could be described as her ‘member berries’, the paintings and sculptures on show are drawn from images and objects reminiscent of Pedan’s childhood in the 90’s.

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Jonas Esteban Isfält

Zoe Barcza, Alfred Boman, Karl Norin, Olga Pedan, Emanuel Röhss & Jim Thorell

In this exhibition, a group of local artists whose art in one way or another influence the others’, get their work shown separately. This is done in a rotating fashion.

22 March
Opening night

17:00–17:15: Alfred Boman
17:15–17:30: Olga Pedan
17:30–17:45: Jim Thorell
17:45–18:00: Karl Norin
18:00–18:15: Zoe Barcza
18:15–18:30: Emanuel Röhss

18:30–18:45: Alfred Boman
18:45–19:00: Olga Pedan
19:00–19:15: Jim Thorell
19:15–19:30: Karl Norin
19:30–19:45: Zoe Barcza
19:45–20:00: Emanuel Röhss

23–24 March
Opening weekend, daily

12:00–13:00: Alfred Boman
13:00–14:00: Olga Pedan
14:00–15:00: Jim Thorell
15:00–16:00: Karl Norin
16:00–17:00: Zoe Barcza
17:00–18:00: Emanuel Röhss

28 March–9 April
Tuesday–Sunday, 12:00–17:00

28–29 March: Alfred Boman
30–31 March: Olga Pedan
1–2 April: Jim Thorell
4–5 April: Karl Norin
6–7 April: Zoe Barcza
8–9 April: Emanuel Röhss

25–26 March

By appointment and choice.
Email info@issues.gallery or call +46(0)76-030 99 44

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Thanks to Stockholm Art Week.

Grand Hôtel • Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8 • 103 27 Stockholm
19 August, 2015

New works by Marie Karlberg at Grand Hôtel. The evening exhibition saw new collage works on mirrors and cast plaster eggs on wodden boards.

Press release:
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Media Markt • Hamngatan 37 • 111 53 Stockholm
17 April, 2015

Erik Undéhn

Ryan Trecartin’s movie CENTER JENNY was shown on all television screens at Media Markt’s flagship store in Gallerian. Free and open to the public 10:00–20:00, 17 April, 2015.

Press release:
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Grevgatan 70 • 114 59 Stockholm
26 September–10 October, 2014

Märta Thisner

Celia Hempton, Alec Kronacker, Anna Uddenberg & Oscar Carlson

Press release:
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