Downtown ISSUES

OPENING RECEPTION Thursday August 19, 17:00–20:00

EXHIBITION August 20 – September 26, 2021

ADDRESS Vattugatan 13, 111 52 Stockholm

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS Adrian Olas Anders Johansson Anna Zacharoff Aron Skoog Astrid Kajsa Nylander Axel Petersén Benedikte Bjerre Caspar Forsberg Elis Monteverde Burrau Emanuel Röhss Ernst Skoog Eugene Sundelius von Rosen Georg Nordmark George Rippon Gideonsson/Londré Gustav Holm Hampus Wernemyr Henning Hamilton Hilde Retzlaff Ida Persson Ilja Karilampi Jim Thorell John Skoog Isa Skoog Karl Norin Klara Zetterholm Ksenia Pedan Linda Pedersen Linnéa Gad Madame Cryptica Magnus Andersen Marie Karlberg Militza Monteverde Burrau Olga Pedan Salad Hilowle Thomas Hämén Tora Schultz Larsen Viktor Fordell Zoe Barcza

Issues opens its new permanent space at Vattugatan 13 in central Stockholm. 50 x 40 cm are the dimensions each artist in the inaugural group show have been asked to conform their contribution to. Some did, some did not. Issues was founded in 2014 and has since produced site-specific projects with local and international artists in Stockholm. Now the dog years are over and Issues is launching a white cube space with represented artists (TBA).


INSTAGRAM: @issuesgallery